Commissions - Annie Domini

Traditional portraits of those you love

Usually I paint what inspires me - nature, architecture, people, patterns, fantasy worlds but sometimes I am asked to do custom works of art based on things that touch the hearts of others and I also do get inspired. I immerse myself in my commissions with the same intensity that I feel for my personal work. I love imagining how people will react when they see what I am doing. I love to see their delight. Sometimes those special paintings allow me to explore things that I might not have attempted otherwise and in the end I am always grateful for those experiences.

Below are some examples of what I have undertaken before.

Memory Still Life

Most of us have a number of dear and memorable objects which has been passed down to us over the centuries or just remind us of a friend who is faraway or a family member no longer with us. I can create a very special still life with these objects which can be imbued with the very essence of that person or perhaps an event. It will hang on your wall as a sweet and unobtrusive reminder. To the outsider's eye it will be just a beautiful still life painting but you will know its inner meaning.

House Portraits

We are privileged to live in beautiful, serene corner of England, peaceful and steeped in history. The houses, we live in, represent the fabric of our area and it is very natural to love and cherish our family nests. I love painting old house and if you would like me to capture the likeness and charm of yours I cant wait to hear from you.

Personalised Historical Paintings

Here you can see a very famous Russian painting by Valentin Serov restyled by myself to feature my own daughter Sasha. It was created for a fun exhibition of homages and pastiches which was once held by the Orleans House Gallery. I had greatly enjoyed the process of working on this project, unpicking and imitating with reverence the brush strokes of a great master. If there is a historical painting that you would like a hand painted copy of or you would like it feature a member of your family I will be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Personalised Landscapes

Do you have a favourite spot for a holiday, or a place you return to when you need to rest your soul and meditate. I love painting landscapes with figures. Those figures can be of someone you know but only you will be aware of it. To everybody else it will be just a landscape, livened up by a figure in the distance.

Commission Enquiry

Drop me a line

If there is some special project that you would like me to undertake please let me know here or via email or text or even an old-fashioned letter, there is my address at the bottom. I will be delighted to work with you.