Anna Tikhomirova is the Artist behind the Annie Domini website  

Why Annie Domini


I am a kind of person who studies Latin for fun. One day I have noticed that my name sounds remarkably like the first half of the phrase Anno Domini (The Year of the Lord) more familiar to us in its abbreviated form - AD or the Common Era

Having been fascinated with the whole concept of Time as long as I can remember myself I felt that there was something special in that discovery. In my essence I am a humble scholar of Nature, my job is to celebrate its miracles, to sing its beauty like a bird in the Garden of Life and ultimately to glorify the Master Craftsman as best I can. My years are the years of the Lord. Thus Annie Domini was born.


About my heritage

My name is Anna Tikhomirova. I grew up in Moscow as a part of a dynasty of artist spanning four generations back to my Great Grandfathers, both artists -Timothey Myagkov and Alexei Kolesov. Kolesov was a renowned portrait painter, a first Headmaster of Moscow Iconographic School and a close friend of one ofRussia’s most significant landscape painters - Ivan Shishkin. They both belonged to the famous Wanderers (Peredvizhniki) artistic cooperative of young, revolutionary artists, who took art away from the palaces into the heart of the Russian nation and nature, depicting everyday life and the wonders of the vast Russian land. In my education I also followed the footsteps of my family, graduating from Moscow Stroganov University for the Fine Arts and worked actively in Russia and the UK, subsequently. In my work, I have always followed my grandfather’s passion for telling stories from the world that surrounds me and keeping true to the beauty of nature, the greatest teacher that we can possibly have.


About my Art

I paint using traditional fine art techniques and top-grade materials apparent in my paintings. During my career, being always curious and versatile, I did not limit myself to only one technique. I worked in illustration, digital painting, embroidery and pattern design my main mediums being watercolour, oil and recently acrylics offering the infinite potential for creative exploration. 

Since 2006 I live in Teddington, London with my family where I paint every day all that surrounds me in a leafy South West London suburbia - the Thames, people, wildlife, trees, flowers. I love the streets of London streets and its beautiful buildings, steeped in history and tradition. Being a humble scholar of Nature, I love to observe the delicate play of lights and darks on a rainy day, amber glow of dusk and dawn. I see beauty all around, everywhere I look, just waiting to be discovered.

In my work, I am a follower of the classics and tradition. Still, I am guided by spirituality and intuition always keen on the invisible - the quiet song of rain against a windowpane, the whispering of naked branches in the wind, dreaming the dream of spring. I find perfection in a gentle rose in a simple glass jar, a fog floating slowly above the Thames and a bird crossing the winter sky above Bushy park.


About my Tutoring


Since 2009 I tutor in a variety of popular art classes, enjoying sharing my knowledge and skills with my students of all ages. I teach them that art is not only about self-expression. It's very much about skill, and sweat, and some humbleness, too. My fans and clients describe my art as a poetic escape you’d love to come home to. I have been regularly exhibited in London and have a lovely group of supporters, mainly in social media, where you can find me, too.