Watercolour painting Bird by the Sea - Annie Domini

Original Watercolour Cornish Landscape White Sands of Tresco Seascape Marine art wall decor

This is a small original  watercolor painting of an idyllic white sand beach on the Cornish isle of Tresco, part of beautiful Isles of Scilly, the most southern part of Britain. This is a unique, original realistic artwork. Dominating colour is light blue with the subtle shifting hues of cream and beige for the expanse of the sand. The small figure is walking from the bottom edge of the painting inviting the view to follow toward a small rowing boat, left on its side by the receding tide. This watercolour would be an ideal piece for a modern and a rustic house alike. Will make a thrilling, original gift for a loved one with a passion for the great outdoors.

The painting comes unframed, measures 20 x 20 cm. 

Watercolour. Available for orders in a customised size. 


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